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Now we are discussing the Ipogo apk and its features. Please read the full article to understand everything and every feature of the app.

Hello friends! Today we are here with an amazing application that is only for those who love Pokemon. The first version of the Pokemon Go game was only developed for iOS users. Now we are introducing an updated version of the Pokemon Go game. The name of the application is Ipogo apk. This is an updated version of the Pokemon Go apk, and the Ipogo app is compatible with any device. Both iOS and Android users can install and enjoy this fantastic application. 

Pokemon games, as you may know, are extremely difficult to understand and play. Due to this, many new gamers have left the game. As a result, we are releasing an updated and modified version of the Pokemon GO game. Ipogo Apk is very simple and has many interesting features, and it allows its users to access all the premium features for free. While Pokemon Go’s pre-release features require a subscription, you can simply install the interesting application on your phone and access all the premium features of Pokemon GO for free.

About Ipogo Apk

Ipogo Apk is an updated and modified version of Pokemon GO that grants you free access to all of the game’s premium features.

The goal of creating the Ipogo Apk is to help Pokemon Go users by allowing them to access all premium content for free. With the help of the Ipogo Apk, users can easily find powerful Pokemon without wasting any time. You must act out Pokemon roles here, and you may go out and explore the world for the purpose of finding other Pokémon with the help of the GPs feature that is installed on your system. The GPs feature on your system assisted you in locating powerful pokemon nearby. You might be able to play the game while sitting on your bed.

There are numerous Pokemon in the game that you must find and train in order to fight or find other Pokemon. You must have worked hard to find the Pokemon or traveled from one place to another for the purpose of finding Pokemon.

Ipogo Apk contains three teams: Red, Mystic (blue), and Instinct (yellow). Each team has its own captain to lead the squad, and the captains of these three teams are competing for the title of “best coach” among the three teams.

How to play Ipogo Apk Game?

The poke balls are given to each team, and with the help of the poke balls, you can easily find and pick the Pokemon. The capturing method is different for each type of Pokemon. You can capture regular Pokemon with normal pokeballs, and Razz Berry has assisted you in finding Pokemon. You should use a monster Pokeball to capture the most powerful or mythic Pokemon.

While capturing Pokemon, you are able to see the HP and CP on the top of the Pokemon’s head. With the help of an appraisal, you will also be able to see their live location, moves, majority, and many more. And to become the best Pokémon trainer, you must capture 156 Pokemon and train them so that they are able to fight with their trainer and other harmful or wild Pokemon.

Features of the Ipogo Pokemon Game

  • Easy to install and use
  • Help find hidden Pokemon!
  • Access the Pokemon route.
  • Easy to Capture powerful Pokemon.
  • Easy to select any server
  • Bug-Free
  • Free to access all premium features
  • Antti Ban
  • safe and secure
  • Shiny Scanner Feature is free with Ipogo Andriod-based version
  • Curveball Throw( Easy to capture Pokemon with the help of this feature)
  • Teleport ( This feature helps you to find Pokemon fastly and it gives speedy speed to your character to explore new places and capture many Pokemon)
  • Auto Walk (This feature helps you collect rewards automatically and moves the character around automatically.
  • Release on the catch ( this feature helps us on catching Pokemon and maintaining Pokemon storage
  • Recycle on Spin feature ( Don’t turn on this feature this is not that much important)
  • Fast load maps
  • Spawn boosters
  • GFX route
  • Freeze Pokemons

Items on the Ipogo Apk

Super Potion

A spray-type medicine that restores the HP of Pokemon by 50 points.

Hyper Potion

A spray-type medicine that restores the HP of one Pokemon by 200 points.

Max Potion

A spray-type medicine that completely restores all of a Pokemon’s HP.

How to download the Ipogo app on Android

  • To get this Ipogo apk file, click on the above-given button.
  • Enable “Unknown Sources” on your phone.
  • Wait, it takes a few seconds to install.
  • Then, to install, click or tap on the file.
  • After that, you can easily use and enjoy Ipogo Apk.


Ipogo is a modified version of Pokemon GO. It has many interesting features, as we discussed above. So, download the Ipogo Apk from our website and have fun. If you found the article interesting about Ipogo app, leave a lovely comment below and stay with us for more interesting updates.