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Doom APK is the badass, gory, and satanic franchise pioneered and revolutionized first-person shooter game. From the first Doom shooter game released in 1993, all the way to Doom Eternal launched in 2020.

Doom came into action in 1993 and was developed by id Software for MS-DOS, a Microsoft operating system for personal computers. In the Doom game players control a space marine, often referred to as the”Doomguy”.And throughout a series of levels fight a variety of monsters and demons.

What is Doom Action?

The first version of Doom 2 had 9 levels and was distributed freely. It was played by an estimated  15 to 20 million people within 2 years! Two years later the full game was sold via mail order, and it included two further episodes.

Updated Version

Not long after an updated version, known as The Ultimate Doom, was sold at retail. It added an additional episodes and more challenging levels. Originally the name of the game was going to be”Attack of the Attackers’. But the id software decided it was too silly and changed it to Doom instead.

Programmer John Carmack said in an interview that the name was inspired by a scene in the movie The Color of Money.

Doom is one of the pioneering first-person shooter games and it helped to define the first-person shooter genre, inspiring countless games that followed. Due to its massive success, the Doom game was later released for the Sega 32x, Atari Jaguar, SNES, Sega Saturn, Game Boy Advance, Xbox 360, and many others.


 Even 26 years later the game was rereleased for the Nintendo Switch, Play Station 4, and Xbox One. This just shows how much players love the Doom Apk game.

Graphic of Doom

The Doom action game was notorious for its high levels of graphic violence and satanic imagery. The Doom app for the Genesis 32X was one of the first video games to be given an M for mature rating by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

Critics even called the Doom APK game a ‘’mass murder simulator’’.

In 1999 controversy reached an all-time high. When it became known that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the shooter of the Columbine High School massacre, were avid players of the game.

Harris even said in his journey that killing would be ‘’like playing Doom game and a shotgun was straight out of the game’’. Nonetheless Doom game became a massive success and an estimated 3 million physical copies of the game were sold in the first 6 years after its launch.

Awards received by the game

It also received multiple awards including first place for the Top 50 games of all time by GameSpy. And second place by IGN for Top 100 shooter games.

Fun Facts of Doom APK Game

Surprisingly the early weapon designs were inspired by children’s toys. The team was running on a tight budget and couldn’t afford real guns to model their designs after. So they bought some Nerf guns and others from Toys R Us.

About Doom APK 2

In 1994 Doom 2 Hell on Earth was released. The sequel was almost similar in terms of gameplay and graphical improvements, but ID software took advantage of the computer hardware, Which allowed for much larger and more complex levels. Doom 2 Game doubled the number of non-boss monster types and started using bosses from the original Game as normal-level enemies,

In addition to adding a new weapon, the super shotgun, a very powerful full double-barreled shotgun, and a new power-up, the mega sphere.

The multiplayer functionality was also greatly improved, which allowed one player to dial into the other player’s computer in order to play either cooperatively or in deathmatch-style combat.

Doom 2 expansion packs

Doom 2 had two expansion packs. The first one was ‘’ Master level for Doom 2, which added 21 new levels. The second was ‘’No Rest for the Living’ was developed for Doom 2 on Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360. While Doom 2 game was not as successful as its predecessor it still managed to sell 1.8 million units.

Final Doom Apk

Final Doom Apk was released in 1996, for MS-DOCS, Macintosh, and the PlayStation. The game plays identically to DOOM 2 and even features the same weapons, monsters, and items. However, the game is considered to be significantly more difficult than the previous two games. The game is divided into two plots, Which both include new levels, graphics, and music. Final Doom was not well received though.

Jim Varner from Game Spot even said’’ treat this game like a Baron of Hell, stay very far away from it ‘’.

Doom Apk 64

Doom APK 64 is a sequel to Doom 2 and also plays similarly. A new weapon known as the unmark” was added, the chainsaw has two blades instead of just one, and there were some minor changes. As the name suggests the game was released exclusively for the Nintendo 64.

23 years later Doom 64 was released as a bonus for those who pre-ordered Doom Eternal. This meant that players on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One all could enjoy Doom Game 64.

Features of application

It featured enhanced graphics, sounds, and many more horror effects. And support for 3D displays and the ability to use the flashlight while holding a weapon. The Doom App game included the previous expansion, and added a new expansion pack called ‘’ The Lost Mission’’. The game also features an “Ultra-Nightmare” difficulty level, for hardcore players. On this Difficulty level, players lose their save game once they die.

The game also features a multiplayer mode. Where players can earn experience points and level up, by which new armor, Skins, weapons, and power-ups can be unlocked. Players can also create their own levels with a snap map.

New rooms can be added. Enemies are placed, and players can add effects and other gameplay items, such as health packs and ammo pickups. Doom Apk has also two DLCs.

The game is even played at 4k resolution at 60 frames per second.


Doom is one of the best first-person shooters ever. As We discussed all Doom action games. For further interesting updates stay with us if you find this article informative about the game please leave a beautiful comment below take care to have a nice day.

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