Kids Balloon Shooter(Offline Balloon Popping Game 2024) Download

Today we are here with an amazing offline balloon popping game for kids known as the Kids Balloon Shooter. Nowadays children are busy playing such games that distract their minds from their studies. But we are always coming with up those games that are beneficial for your child. The balloon-popping game is developed for children for entertainment purposes only.

If your child completes her studies, after that despite going outside with those friends who are not good inhabitants, you can give your smartphone to your child to play the Kids Balloon Shooter game. It is 100 times better for your child to play the game for a particular time despite going outside of the house with bed friends.

Many children feel frustrated while sitting a home all the time, so entertaining your child takes away from feeling bored, you should download the offline balloon-popping game to entertain your child in your free time. Let’s talk more about the game in the next paragraph.

What is the Kids Balloon Shooter?

It is an entertaining balloon-popping game designed especially for kids. As the game is made for children the developers of the game work hard and designed a very simple user interface. The game was made by a popular game company unity. The game is also called balloon shooting 3D. It has high-quality gaming graphics.

The main goal of the game is to burst the balloons. Each balloon gives you 5 points when you brust it. Each balloon is placed in a specific location, so you have to brust them. You were given a firearm in the game used that you have to brust the balloons. The most entertaining thing is that each balloon has its own specific color, the colorful interface makes the game more beautiful and entertaining.

This is very easy to brust balloons using the firearm, they also give the zoom button to brust the balloons. You can easily zoom by clicking on the zoom button and easily brust the balloon. There are several steps, you need to complete each easily to go further.

The main thing you need to focus on that is timing, each level has a specific time to complete. 1 minute is given to you to complete the level, if you aren’t able to complete the level in a particular time then you can not able to move forward. You need to brust 10 balloons in the game using 10 shots.

In addition to all these the game provides you a store or a shop from where you can purchase more powerful firearms to brust the balloons. At the top of the mobile screen, it highlights the specifications of the firearm like damage, firearm range, stability, and zoom power. You have to buy these types of equipment through game currency.

The most interesting thing about the Kids Balloon Shooter game is that when you complete a level you will be dropped in another beautiful location to complete the level. In simple words, each level has its own beauty places.

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Features of the Kids Balloon Shooter offline game

  • Simple and beautiful user interface
  • Free to download
  • No login or registration required
  • Easy to play
  • No bugs
  • Lightweight application
  • safe to play and download
  • easy steps to install and play

How to download the Balloon Shooter game?

  • Simply click on the above-mentioned download button.
  • Allow the game to be downloaded, visit your mobile settings section, and enable Unknown Source.
  • After that install the download game.
  • All done


In conclusion, the Kids Balloon Shooter game is a fun and engaging way for children to spend their leisure time while also improving their hand-eye coordination and timing skills. Its simple interface, beautiful graphics, and easy gameplay make it a great choice for kids. Download this game to keep your child entertained in a safe and enjoyable manner.

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